A Touch of Sophistication: Danish Modern Lounge Chairs

danish modern lounge chairs

Subdued elegance is the perfect way to describe the Danish modern lounge chairs designed by IB Kofod-Larsen. Their recently refinished grey felt upholstery creates a stately appearance that is highlighted by the dark wood frame that finishes the chairs. These Danish modern lounge chairs would be right at home within a home office or library. With … [Read more...]

A Touch of Denmark: Modern Lounge Chairs

danish modern lounge chairs

There is nothing quite like the feeling of lounging about on a piece of mid-century modern furniture. From the refined look to the textured upholstery, it's an experience we're sure you can get used to. The next time you feel like kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your hard labors, consider doing so on a pair of Danish Modern Lounge Chairs. … [Read more...]

What Does Danish Modern Mean?

a arne jacobsen chandelier

While the name still conjures up images of modern trend-setting design, Danish modern is actually a vintage style of décor that was very popular in the middle of the last century. The style was renowned for its simplicity, its minimal amounts of ornamentation and its utter lack of pretentiousness. The Danish Modern movement was conceived from the earlier … [Read more...]