What Exterior Colors Go With Mid-Century Modern Style?

midcentury modern exterior colors

Mid-century modern style enthusiasts often focus on crafting an interior that emulates the style. However, it's equally important to consider mid-century modern colors for the exterior of your home to create continuity. Architecture and color authority, Beatrice West has provided guidance for ideal mid-century modern colors for your home. Midcentury … [Read more...]

Bring Some Nostalgia Into Your Home With MidCentury Modern Furniture


Mention mid-century modern furniture to some design aficionados, and they'll become giddy. The genre is one of the most popular and successful themes in the interior design world, counting '60s modern buffs and traditionalists alike among its fan base. It's a great option for individuals who want home furnishings that have a bit of history, but who aren't … [Read more...]

5 Modern Lifestyle Blogs to Get Hip To

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If you're trying to remodel a home in the mid-century style or just looking for some more information about pieces in general, decorating tips, or anything else related to mid-century fashion, there are a variety of resources online to help out, such as these five mid-century modern blogs: Mid-Century Style Magazine is a blog about all things related to … [Read more...]