Need a Focal Point to Wow Your Guests? Try This Chandelier

Stamford Modern Chandelier

There's nothing that says opulence and success more than a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging above your dining room table or in the entryway of your home. Crystal chandeliers come in all shapes, sizes, and periods, including one of the most interesting: mid-century modern chandeliers. If your home is a combination of sleek, simple, and organic with a … [Read more...]

Add Some Side Seating to Your Home With This Fifties Modernist Bench

MidCentury Modern Bench

Bring some mid-modern cool into your home's entryway or bedroom with this 1950's Modernist Bench offered by the Stamford Modern Gallery. Mid-century modern furniture is characterized by sleek, clean lines, combining organic fabrics in soft colors mixed with wood and metal. This bench has all the bells and whistles in a compact shape that will fit well at … [Read more...]

Neutral Colors: Add a Pair of Sleek Mid-Century Chairs

Mid-century Modern Chairs

Every home decorator tells their clients to start with neutral colors in a room and then add pops of color in similar tones to add pizazz. But with mid-century modern furniture, the pizazz is found in the sleek, simple, organic design of each piece. Many mid-century modern pieces look futuristic, almost like something from the Jetson's TV cartoon … [Read more...]