Create the Perfect Sitting Nook with Benches

Mid-century modern benches

There is nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down on a set of mid-century modern benches at the end of a long day at the office. It's the perfect place to rest, catch your breath, and untie your shoes so that you can enjoy the rest of your evening. Right now, we have several benches that would look simply marvelous in your home.   1950's … [Read more...]

Bring Mid-Century Modern Elegance into Your Home Office

Harvey Probber Mahogany Desk

Mid-century modern furniture makes a statement within your home office that you are sure to listen to. Its quiet elegance and subtle sophistication creates the perfect ambiance to get a little work done, and the following pieces are ones you are certain to appreciate.   Modern Rosewood Sideboard by William Hinn - Rosewood is among the finest … [Read more...]

A Touch of Sophistication: Danish Modern Lounge Chairs

danish modern lounge chairs

Subdued elegance is the perfect way to describe the Danish modern lounge chairs designed by IB Kofod-Larsen. Their recently refinished grey felt upholstery creates a stately appearance that is highlighted by the dark wood frame that finishes the chairs. These Danish modern lounge chairs would be right at home within a home office or library. With … [Read more...]