Stamford Modern Spotlight: Brass Sputnik Sconces

The Brass Sputnik Sconces have been polished and rewired to look and function like-new, and offer a relatively simple installation.  Source: 1stdibs

Captain Kirk was wrong when he said "space, the final frontier." That's because he never saw how great a transformation the addition of mid-century modern chandeliers can make within the home. Indeed, these fabulous pieces transformed interior design and took it completely out of this world. Among the pieces we have available, few are as exciting as our … [Read more...]

Refinishing Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Source: Stamford Modern

Refinishing old furniture is a great way to make the old look like new again. When it comes to NYC furniture restoration, the following is an overview of what the process will entail. Any restoration will start with the wood first. Most mid-century modern furniture is made of solid teak, walnut, or rosewood that is relatively easy to repair. While … [Read more...]

These “Tear Drop” Lounge Chairs Are Just What Your Decor Needs

Edward Wormley's "Tear Drop" lounge chairs will fit beautifully in any room in your home. Source: Stamford Modern

Edward Wormley's "Tear Drop" lounge chairs are the perfect place to rest and relax at the end of a long day. Their deep bucket is the perfectly contoured for you to rest your back and catch your breathe after you've been running from sun up to sun down. The chairs have been newly upholstered in smokey grey wool which gives them a subdued appearance as … [Read more...]