Brighten Up Any Room With This Pair of Brass Flare Benches

The "Flare Collection" benches offer sleek polished brass, nickel, or chrome legs and supple blue leather that make a fantastic example of mid-century modern furniture.

Life's just too¬†short to sit on an uncomfortable seat. If the benches in your entryway or office are so uncomfortable that you bend over to take your shoes off or tie your laces, consider bringing a pair of brass flare benches into your life. We're pleased to offer these custom benches from our "Flare Collection" for your comfort. Each stand atop … [Read more...]

Learn More About Mid-Century Modern Furniture Designs

From desks to tables, and chairs to couches, mid-century modern furniture offers a classical elegance that you'll want to add to your home's design.

Mid-century designs are simple, elegant, classy, and free from the fussy details that clutter our lives. From desks to tables, and chairs to couches, they provide an elegant and classic appearance to any room in your home. Mid-century modern furniture came into vogue between 1945-1965. This was the era's heyday if you will, yet it's influence remains even … [Read more...]

Product Spotlight: Italian Chandelier after Angelo Lelli

Angelo Lelli's stunning Italian chandeliers features gentle curves flowing together with open cones, creating a truly unique piece that will work well with any room in your home.

The sky is truly the limit when you install one of Angelo Lelli's stunning Italian chandeliers in your home. From the gentle curves to the open cones, they are truly one of a kind pieces that will bring a touch of excitement into the room. We're fortunate that we have one of Angelo Lelli's Italian chandelier designs right now. The piece was manufactured … [Read more...]