At Stamford Modern, we breathe new life into cherished pieces of furniture, restoring them to their former glory and beyond. With a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and a passion for preservation, our expert artisans meticulously revive each item, honoring its history while enhancing its beauty and functionality for modern living.

Whether it's a beloved family heirloom, a vintage find, or a treasured antique, our restoration team approaches each project with care and skill. From intricate woodwork to delicate upholstery, we use traditional techniques and the highest quality materials to ensure a stunning result that will withstand the test of time.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond restoration. We offer personalized design consultations to help you integrate your newly restored piece into your home, creating a harmonious and stylish interior that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle.

Experience the transformative power of furniture restoration with Stamford Modern. Let us preserve your memories and elevate your space with our unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

For a quote, please fill out the form below or call/text with images at (203) 550-5949.

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