Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern
Linear Stool by Stamford Modern

Linear Stool by Stamford Modern

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Presenting "The Linear Stool" by Stamford Modern – a masterpiece of minimalistic design and functionality meticulously designed by Carlos Solano. This exquisite stool embodies the perfect fusion of form and function.

Constructed from the finest solid walnut or oak, The Linear Stool exudes an air of timeless sophistication. Its clean lines and uncluttered silhouette seamlessly blend into various interior styles, making it a versatile addition to both modern and classic settings. The subtle incorporation of a metal stretcher adds a touch of industrial flair, enhancing the stool's structural integrity and visual appeal.

**Wood Options:**
Choose between the luxurious warmth of solid walnut or the timeless elegance of oak, allowing you to tailor the stool's aesthetic to your desired ambiance.

- **Natural Walnut:** Embrace the organic beauty of walnut with its distinct grain patterns and rich, warm tones.
- **Special Walnut:** A unique blend of richness and depth, special walnut exudes a refined character.
- **Dark Walnut:** Elevate your space with the bold sophistication of dark walnut, adding a touch of drama.
- **Espresso:** A contemporary choice that exudes depth and modern elegance.
- **Blackout Oak:** Make a statement with the distinct blackout oak finish, offering a captivating contrast.
- **White Oak:** Experience the light and airy charm of white oak, perfect for creating an open atmosphere.
- **Black Ceruse:** Add a bold and striking element to your space with the black ceruse finish.

**Metal Stretcher Options:**
The metal stretcher comes in a range of elegant options that complement the stool's design and add an industrial touch.

- **Brass:** Infuse your stool with the timeless allure of brass, adding warmth and sophistication.
- **Nickel:** Choose nickel for a sleek and contemporary look, perfect for modern interiors.
- **Bronze:** Add a touch of vintage-inspired elegance with the bronze metal stretcher.
- **Orb:** The orb option introduces a unique and artistic element, enhancing the stool's visual intrigue.

**Velvet Fabric Choices:**
Tailor the comfort and style of your stool with a selection of velvet fabric colors, each adding a touch of luxury and tactile appeal.

- **Pebble:** A neutral and versatile option that effortlessly complements any interior.
- **Mink:** Embrace a rich and inviting hue that exudes warmth and sophistication.
- **Sand:** Create a serene and calming atmosphere with the soothing sand shade.
- **Smoke:** Elevate your space with the contemporary allure of the smoky gray hue.
- **Marine:** Infuse a refreshing burst of color with the marine velvet fabric, reminiscent of tranquil waters.
- **Merlot:** Add a bold and luxurious touch with the deep and opulent merlot shade.
- **Midnight:** Create an air of mystery and elegance with the classic midnight velvet fabric.
- **Cloud:** Choose cloud for a light and airy aesthetic that complements various color palettes.
- **Loden:** The loden hue brings a sense of nature indoors, offering a versatile and earthy option.

At Stamford Modern, we pride ourselves on offering exceptional customization options that allow you to create a stool that aligns perfectly with your unique style and vision. Experience the artistry, craftsmanship, and personalization of "The Linear Stool" today.

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Product Details

Dimensions: H: 18in x W: 18in x D: 18in

Condition: New

Country of Manufacture: United States

Creator: Stamford Modern

Date of Manufacture: 2023

Lead Time: 5 - 6 Weeks

Period: 21st Century