"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020
"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020

"Oneness" by Vanessa Joy, 2020

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Title: Oneness
Artist: Vanessa Joy
Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Subject matter: Abstract art
Size: 36 x 36 inches

Oneness is an expressionistic pattern painting. The squares depict miniature paintings in the larger piece to coax the observer to look more closely. It portrays that even in one’s uniqueness and individuality that we as people share many similarities in our uniformness of life.

Artist’s biography:

Vanessa Joy is a Filipino American and abstract artist. She finds inspiration in her travels, nature, and daily life in the Hudson Valley, NY. Vanessa loves to create art that invokes feelings, especially joy.

As a native New Yorker and world traveler, Vanessa draws on her environment to create abstract prices. Vanessa was born and raised in Queens, NY. She currently resides in Dutchess County, NY. She has resided in London, UK for 10 years. Each environment has contributed to her artistic style.

Vanessa is a professional mixed-media artist with over 20 years of experience. While mainly painting in acrylic, she also enjoys integrating oil, watercolor, and gouache into her art. As a lifelong learner, Vanessa takes various private and college-level art classes to enhance her skills. Her artistic ability has been recognized by others. She has been internationally commissioned and her work has been internationally collected. Vanessa is truly touched when a person acquires a creation of hers and makes a home for it.

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Product Details

Dimensions: H: 36in x W: 36in x D: 1.5in

Condition: Excellent

Country of Manufacture: United States

Creator: Vanessa Joy

Date of Manufacture: 2020

Lead Time: Available Now

Period: 21st Century